FINALIZED Interpreted Coordinate Set

Coordinate NumberLatitudeLongitudeStatusLocation
#1 from Pages 1-5
   and Pages 14-16   
52.0942532N13.131269W FINALIZED Hy Brasil
#2 from Pages 6-1316.763177N89.117768W FINALIZED Caracol, Belize
#3 from Pages 6-1334.800272N111.843567W FINALIZED Sedona, Arizona
#4 from Pages 6-1329.977836N31.131649E FINALIZED Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt
#5 from Pages 6-1314.701505S75.167043W FINALIZED Nazca Lines in Peru
#6 from Pages 6-1336.256845N117.100632E FINALIZED Tai Shan Qu, China
#7 from Pages 6-1337.110195N25.372281E FINALIZED Portara at Temple of Apollo in Naxos, Greece

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